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Vendor Evaluations, Management & Out-Sourcing

As marketing programs grow in volume and sophistication, they require more and more on-going support as well as implementational resources. Our clients usually see this in terms of increased systems time that becomes a direct burden on their internal IT Group -- which translates into more demands and less results.

The answer often lies in out-sourcing to get the best of both worlds. Marketing departments can rely on outside resources to provide them with dedicated service as well as the latest in marketing resource technologies -- including existing direct marketing software that will readily accommodate marketing's requirements. In addition, your company will often enjoy a savings over what your projected in-house costs might have been for the same services.

By out-sourcing vital processing requirements, your in-house IT department won't need to be distracted from their main mission, which is to service the entire corporation.

The bottom line ?  You can count on DMRS to help you get the answers you need.  That's because we've sat right where you're sitting now.  We've worked on both the client side and the service bureau side.  We've worked in IT groups.  We understand just which issues and pressures everyone involved must deal with.  We know exactly how everyone's hectic day begins and how it must end to be successful.  That's why we mediate and translate.  You'll see that we know how to ask the right questions and who to ask -- ensuring that you get what you want and need to make your program successful.

We then provide objective consulting and write requirement documents that identify the best out-source companies for data processing to meet marketing's competitive needs and to relieve the in-house IT department of unnecessary burdens.  In some cases, a combination of in-house and off-site is developed, and in still fewer cases we'll work directly with the in-house IT group for complete design, development and attending applications.

Whatever solution is required to meet your need -- DMRS  will write the specifications for your database, see it through every step of development, and make sure that the precise team of vendors execute and implement every stage of the process on time and within budget.