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Specialized Services

Due Diligence
One of the specialized services that DMRS offers its clients is the capability to expertly assess and analyze the value of databases and data as assets during corporate mergers and/or acquisitions. We will examine the quality of information and its current structures and management to determine its actual monetary worth. This capability offers the potential to save clients precious marketing acquisition dollars.

Expert Witness Testimony
Because of our long and specialized history in information management and development, DMRS has been called upon to testify in court to the validity of alleged database misuses and abuses.

Workshops and Seminars
DMRS can offer your company or agency a full agenda of workshops and seminars on every aspect of database marketing. Our selection of programs starts with those designed specifically for beginners, such as how databases are constructed, how to read and interpret results, and how to interact with vendors and suppliers.

In addition, we offer in-depth seminars that will instruct senior staff in the finer points of database management and implementation, including handling in-house database development and expansion, and advanced modeling and analysis.

Research, Analysis and Modeling
As your marketing program proceeds, you can turn to DMRS to provide evaluation on the initial results with additional recommendations for the continuation of the marketing database and its applications.

Our research capabilities include surveys, profile and correlation analyses, tabulations, customer clustering and factor analysis, regression, modeling, (including multiple, LOGIT and others), CHAID, distributional analysis, Neural Networks, other artificial intelligence methods and multivariate statistical techniques are also available .