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MDB Technical & Systems Administration

Achieving an efficient database marketing capability demands technical expertise not just for design and development, but for the implementation and the on-going enhancement of these systems to truly support marketing efforts. Plus, as telemarketing, sales force data, and other interactive products meld with your existing marketing channels, your company must be provided with a flexible, dynamic set of marketing tools -- built in a fashion that allows for planned growth and the ability to process new customer, prospect, and suspect data.

That's why at DMRS we service your needs by going
far beyond the initial Operational Needs Assessment. 

As systems integrators and "architects," we make sure that you:

  • Have the technical assistance necessary to assure that size, speed, and cost are taken into account along with response time, data storage ability, user-friendliness, data access, and specific modeling and scoring. requirements.
  • Understand all of your available system choices and alternatives.
  • Get the software you need, whether it is a modification of an "off-the-shelf" product, a variation of a system developed by a direct marketing data processing company or a customized product built from "scratch."
  • Receive unbiased technical expertise to determine which platform and database engine is most compatible with your company's marketing requirements and IT standards.
  • Benefit from solutions compatible with the "legacy" technology that your company already possesses or accesses through an off-site service. We discern and write the specifications, and assure the proper integration of the hardware and software systems necessary to support your database marketing efforts.