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E-Commerce Strategic Design & Systems Integration

The opportunity for database marketing and E-Commerce is to understand the dynamics of demand – and then to manipulate the dynamics to your advantage.

For those companies using the Internet as an information gathering channel to support their various marketing initiatives, the critical component is information. DMRS shows you:

  • How to set up the proper information repository
  • How to determine what is information and what is just data
  • Proven ways to determine which information is meaningful and predictive
  • The best “data mining” technologies
  • And how best to use this information for segmentation, analysis,
    and personalization.

The second, and more complex use of the Internet is its integration within the overall business enterprise – E-Commerce.

The strategy behind E-Commerce is not about selling “things” as much as it is about using the Internet to manage a variety of customer’s needs.

It’s a shift from managing inventory to managing information. This new delivery chain is not just another marketing channel, advertising medium, or way to speed up transactions. It’s the foundation for a whole new industrial order !

A successful E-Commerce system requires that:

  • Customer / prospect information be properly acquired
  • Data from POS (point-of-sale) systems can be integrated
  • This data can be consistently integrated with existing data to develop a larger knowledge management component
  • All customer-care and privacy issues are properly addressed
  • Fulfillment, invoicing, shipping, tracking, and analytical components be set-up to address single order, multiple order, bill-to / ship-to, and bulk requirements equally well
  • Data flow freely back and forth between the marketing database and the
    E-Commerce system

DMRS will help plan your system using its step-by-step process. Your company will not have to endure the “trial and error method”. We’ve already done the research, reviewed “best of breed”, and know who delivers product – not just promises.