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Data Analysis, Audits & Acquisitions

For those clients who already have an MDB/CRM enterprise in-house or off-site, DMRS offers several marketing systems alternatives. We work closely with both marketing and systems to determine:

  • What data is present / not present
  • Available modeling, simulation and / or correlation systems
  • Current ease of access
  • What data marketing needs and where best to get it
  • How to use that data
  • How to develop strategic testing plans

By helping you integrate and / or migrate data from one source and applying it to another, DMRS enables you to:

  • Understand your customers better,
  • Profile your customers more efficiently, and
  • Reach a targeted audience as never before.

As consultants to both data developers and marketing database users, we have access to a vast variety of data sources and are experienced in using them. We know how to help our clients select only the best data for the applications that will best meet their needs.

DMRS evaluates the options possible to maximize the amount of data appended for predetermined investment levels. Multiple sources are used rather than a single source. The objective is to assure that the client gets the most complete, accurate, and current data to meet requirements cost effectively.

Once the data is appended to your file, DMRS will assist in the development of applications to best use the "new" database, thus assuring that marketing objectives are met.

Primary and secondary research capabilities for surveys, profile and correlation analyses, tabulations, customer clustering, regression analysis and other multivariate statistical techniques are also available.